‘Voices of a Flyway’ Soundscapes

The ‘Voices of a Flyway’ project is centered in sound. We traveled the length of the Mississippi River and then some to document the stories of people and songs of birds sharing the land along the route. Those stories and songs are woven together in the first seven episodes of the podcast.

But there is one more part of our story that needs to be considered to really experience the sounds of this flyway. The soundscapes. A soundscape is simply the total collection of sounds, biological, weather, geologic, and human, across a landscape.

Simply put, what we’re talking about is what does a Louisiana bayou sound like at night? What does it sound like to experience a thunderstorm from a tent in the boreal forest? What does it sound like to wake up in a restored tallgrass prairie in Iowa? Well, now you can find out!

Since April, we have released 11 new podcast episodes called ‘Voices of a Flyway Soundscapes’. Each of these episodes takes you to a different location along our route and allows you to hear what those places sound like. Some of the episodes are only a few minutes long, while others are well over an hour long. What they all have in common is that they are immersive and paint a vivid sense of place.

So grab a blanket and a warm cup of coffee or tea, curl up in a corner, and put on a pair of headphones to be transported to some of the most acoustically beautiful places in the country. And if you love these soundscapes so much that you run through them in a day, don’t worry. We continue to add new soundscape episodes every so often. So keep checking back for more!