I grew up in the outdoors. For as far back as I can remember, most days revolved around that simple fact. It's a way of life that I continue to this day. Numerous times each week I head outside just to be closer to nature. I go for walks, run, work out, golf, bird watch, [...]

I stood there in the stillness and blackness of night. Moments earlier I had been within the protection and comfort of a group of my colleagues but now, I was all alone. Then, the howling began. The last ecosystem we visited during our trip was the boreal forest. This ecosystem is particularly special to me [...]

Less than 1%. Why is that number significant? That's how much original tall grass prairie remains in the United States. Think about that for a second. An ecosystem that once ranged from Manitoba down to Texas through the heartland of this country is now barely a blip on the map. Where did it all go? [...]

Our apologies for the lack of posts lately. Things have been hectic, as per usual, but we are making our way across the country, seeing some beautiful sights, talking to a lot of great people, and of course, seeing and hearing a lot of awesome birds! We've slowly gained in elevation and left the bottomlands [...]

Have you ever accidentally stumbled upon some outdoor space that required you to pause, literally think about breathing, and marvel at the sight before you? We had that happen to us in a little corner of Arkansas while visting the bottomland hardwood forest ecosystem. More on that later. But first, Tyler and I took the [...]

'Voices of a Flyway' is halfway through the field season (woot woot!) and we have alighted upon the hills of western Kentucky for a much needed day off for rest and rejuevenation. What have we decided to do with that day off? Go birding of course! Today is Global Big Day 2019 and thousands of [...]

Seriously, how has it been 11 days since the last post?! A weekly update is starting to seem unmanageable, but we promise we are thinking about you all constantly. Since we last updated you about our progress, we finished our work in the Piney Woods region of Louisiana, saw a lot of great birds, and [...]

Whoa, where has the time gone?! How have we been on the road for 16 days? It turns out working 530am to 930pm every day is pretty time consuming, which is why we haven't blogged in a while. We are currently in Kisatchie National Forest in central Louisiana, getting ready to start working in the [...]